女人渴望拥有平坦的小腹. 你的青春是你平坦肚子的鼎盛时期. Since then you’ve had children and faced the ever-present fight with weight which have left you with a bulge that no amount of diet and exercise will flatten out. You’ve set aside your straight skirts and anything formfitting because you just don’t like the way they look. If this describes you, then an abdominoplasty may be the answer you need to regain your flat stomach.


腹部成形术通常被称为腹部整形术. Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 helps to flatten your abdomen by removing excess fat and loose skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. Some stretch marks may be removed if they lie on the skin that is going to be removed during the procedure. Abdominoplasties are not weight loss programs, nor are they focused on removing stretch marks. 它们的主要目的是收紧和重塑腹部.


腹部整形术并不适合所有人. If you are still planning on having children or need to lose a large amount of weight, you may want to consider putting off having the procedure until after these events are completed as they may undo the work that has been done. 维持稳定的个体, 健康的体重, 都生完了孩子, 不能通过饮食和运动得到一个平坦的肚子, and are bothered by the appearance of their stomach are good candidates.


腹部成形术是一种手术,因此,它会留下疤痕. The scars are generally in the lower abdomen and run from hip bone to hip bone in either a V or U 可以很容易隐藏在比基尼下的形状. 取决于正在进行的腹部成形术的类型, 你的肚脐周围也可能有疤痕. The scars fade over time but may take up to a year to fade to their final look.



If you decide you want to pursue a tummy tuck, you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜. The initial consultation is quite lengthy as he does an exam and discusses your goals with you. 在最初的检查中,他

  • Discusses your medical history including previous surgeries and allergies to any medications and latex.
  • 询问当前的医疗状况.
  • Asks for a list of current medications, vitamins, and supplements you are currently taking.
  • 讨论你目前的酒精、烟草和药物使用情况.
  • 询问你之前可能做过的任何整容手术.
  • 评估你皮肤的弹性.
  • Discusses your current weight and any need for weight loss before the procedure is performed.
  • 询问未来怀孕的计划.

As a member of the American Society for Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 takes the time necessary to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to meet your individual needs. He discusses your treatment plan with you, keeping you informed along the way.


Once the consultation is finished and a treatment plan has been developed, a surgery date is set. Before your surgery, you need to set up your house so that you can recover quickly. 你应该

  • 移动化妆品, 遥控器, 食品, and clothing to waist-level places so that you do not have to stretch and reach to get things.
  • 如果你的孩子还小,安排一个人来照顾他们. 在4到6周内你不能举起超过10磅的东西.
  • Prepare and freeze healthy meals so that you do not have to cook afterwards.
  • Have ice packs in sets of three to place on your surgical site to help with swelling and discomfort.
  • 在腹部成形术后安排人开车送你回家.
  • Stop smoking at least six weeks prior to the procedure if possible.
  • 避免服用阿司匹林, 抗炎药, and any herbs that thin the blood at least two weeks prior to the procedure.


Dr. 托尔森用最先进的技术完成了所有手术, 在Cumming的aaaasf认证的手术室, 乔治亚州. 取决于您所执行的过程, you may be released the same day or be required to spend a couple of days at the facility to recover.  Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 uses general anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the abdominoplasty. 每个步骤都遵循相同的基本步骤:

  • The primary incision is made in the lower abdomen above the pubic mound.
  • 皮肤从腹壁到胸腔松弛.
  • 缝合线用来拉紧肌肉和组织.
  • 多余的脂肪是通过抽脂来去除的.
  • 将皮肤拉回原位,去掉多余的皮肤.
  • 肚脐被标记,并为肚脐创建一个新的开口.
  • 用缝合线缝合切口.
  • 一小部分患者可插入引流管.

Dr. 托尔森可以进行三种类型的腹部成形术中的一种.

  • 迷你腹壁整形术, This procedure is ideal for the individual whose stomach protrudes below the navel and who is in good shape. 切口只在小腹处. Dr. 托尔森去除多余的皮肤. 他用抽脂术除去多余的脂肪.
  • 完整的腹壁整形术, When the stomach protrudes both above and below the navel, a full abdominoplasty is called for. 切口在下腹和肚脐周围. Dr. 托尔森去除多余的皮肤 and fat, tightens muscles, and repositions the navel.
  • 扩展腹壁整形术, If you have “love handles,” an extended abdominoplasty may be necessary. The incision extends across the lower abdomen and lifts over the hips and sides of the thighs. 肚脐的切口也做了. 抽脂术 is used to remove fat, the muscle is tightened, and excess skin is removed.


Once your tummy tuck is finished, you go to recovery to be monitored. 如果你做过大面积手术, you may need to remain at the facility for a day or two to recover before being sent home. 在你被释放之前,Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 or someone from his staff will go over how to care for the surgical site and any drains that may have been inserted. 你需要安排一个后续预约来移除缝合线.


  • 看到红色,瘀伤和肿胀. 这将在三周内消散.
  • 注意到你的腹肌在疼痛. 疼痛大约一到两周后就会消退.
  • 不看结果. 起初,肿胀可能掩盖了腹部整形术的实际效果. Once the swelling subsides, the results should manifest themselves.
  • 穿上你的紧身衣. 医生,你需要穿紧身衣. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 prescribed at your initial consult faithfully to ensure you get the correct results.
  • 不去工作. You will need to take it easy and have complete bed rest the first couple of days, 站起来只是为了四处走走. 你应该 plan on not going back to work for at least two weeks and not engaging in strenuous activity for four to six weeks.

It may take several months before you see the aesthetic results of your procedure, and full recovery from your abdominoplasty may take six months or more. 虽然你可能要等一段时间才能看到结果, the final product should last the rest of your life barring pregnancy or drastic weight change.

If a bulging tummy has you hiding in billowy clothing to hide your figure, 通过腹部整形术夺回控制权. 今天就和医生约个时间. 托尔森来讨论你的选择.

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