Many women long for larger breasts, seeking augmentation to restore the fullness they once enjoyed. 其他人发现怀孕, 体重的变化, or simple genetics have blessed them with far more than they want. The extra breast tissue weighs heavily and can cause neck and back problems. Feelings of self-consciousness can develop when the breasts get too large. 适合那些乳房过大的人, 减少乳房, 也被称为乳房缩小术, 可以恢复轻, 乳房更小,整体身材更平衡.


A breast reduction is the removal of excess breast fat and glandular tissue and any extra skin that may be allowing the breasts to sag and droop. If your breasts are out of proportion with the rest of your body, a breast reduction can make the dimensions of your chest and body match. Reducing the size of your breasts will also reduce the weight your back has to support, 减轻由它们引起的颈部和背部疼痛.



  • 是健康的.
  • 有切合实际的期望.
  • 被自己的胸部大小困扰.
  • Are hindered from participating in activities due to their breast size.
  • Are experiencing neck, back, and shoulder pain due to the weight of their breasts.
  • 肩带上有凹痕吗.
  • 乳房皱褶处有皮肤刺激.
  • Are experiencing physical, emotional, or mental problems because of overly large breasts.


任何大手术都有风险. 为了最好的结果, you want to wait to have a breast reduction performed until after your breasts are fully formed. The procedure will leave permanent scars that will fade over time. 其他可能的副作用是

  • Reduced sensation on the nipple and areola that may be temporary or permanent.
  • 有些皮肤变色或色素改变.
  • 无法母乳喂养.

Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 will go over all the risks and benefits before you have the surgery, 让你做出明智的决定.



In order to make an informed decision about whether breast reduction is right for you, 你需要预约医生会诊. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜. 他将与您讨论以下问题:

  • Your expectations, reasons for the surgery, and the probable outcome.
  • Any medical conditions, drug allergies, and current medical treatments you are undergoing.
  • 你正在服用的药物、维生素和草药补品.
  • 你的病史.
  • 以前的整容手术和结果.
  • 你家族的乳腺癌病史.
  • 你现在的乳房x光检查和活检结果.

Once you have thoroughly discussed your medical history with Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜,他将

  • 评估你的整体健康状况.
  • 检查你的乳房.
  • 测量一下你胸部的形状和大小.
  • 评估你的皮肤质量和弹性.
  • 检查乳晕和乳头的位置.
  • 和你讨论你的选择.
  • 讨论手术的可能结果.


Once the consultation is complete, you’ll need to begin to make the arrangements for the procedure. Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 will probably ask for you to have a baseline mammogram done about six months after your reduction to establish a post operative baseline for future comparison. Be sure to stop taking any medications that thin the blood (aspirin, 非甾体抗炎药, 和一些草药)至少在预定的手术前10天. You will need to arrange to have someone drive you home from your reduction and stay with you the first night.


Your breast reduction will be done as an outpatient procedure, being performed in Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜’s state-of-the-art, AAAASF-certified operating room in Cumming, Georgia. 手术将在全身麻醉的情况下进行. The type of reduction performed is dictated by how much tissue is being removed.

  • 抽脂, For patients that need slight to moderate reductions and have little to no sagging and good elasticity in the skin, 抽脂有很多好处. The procedure is shorter and less invasive than the other two options. The incisions are virtually undetectable, meaning no scarring, essentially. The results should last a lifetime as long as you maintain a healthy, 体重稳定,不要怀孕.
  • 垂直下降, A keyhole incision is made around the areola and down to the breast crease. Excess breast tissue is removed, and the remaining tissue is reshaped, and the breast, lifted. The scar is situated below the nipple and fades with time, to the point of being barely visible.
  • 〇“反向T减” For large amounts of reduction, the doctor will use the inverted T. The incision goes around the areola, down to the breast crease, and along the crease. The tissue will be removed and the breast, shaped and lifted, if needed. 这些疤痕和垂直折痕几乎一模一样, 还有一个隐藏在乳房褶皱里.

Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of the American Society for Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 他在还原的过程中牢记美学, creating the best look possible for you which may require reducing the size of the areola before closing the incision. 深, 可溶解缝合线用于支持新结构, 而且它们不需要被移除.


You will probably go home with an elastic bandage or support bra to aid in your healing process. 可能会放一个引流管来帮助愈合. Dr. 十大外围足彩网站排行榜 or someone on his staff will go over how to take care of the drain if one is in place. You can expect to be sore and do some swelling over the first few days after the surgery. 使用冰袋将有助于减少肿胀和不适. Expect to lack the full range of motion in your chest and shoulders until the swelling and discomfort subsides. 很多人一周后就会回到正常的办公室工作, but exercise other than walking should wait for three to four weeks.


你应该马上就能看到区别, but the final results won’t manifest themselves for two to three months. You may even continue to notice subtle changes for up to one year after your reduction. 在最初几个月的愈合过程中, you may notice some asymmetry to your breasts caused by the reduction sites healing at different rates. This is normal, but if you have concerns, feel free to contact Dr. 托尔森的办公室,有问题要问. Your reduction should last your lifetime as long as you maintain a stable, 体重健康,不会怀孕.

Feeling self-conscious and suffering in pain because you’ve been overly blessed isn’t really a blessing. Take control of your figure and see what a breast reduction can do for  you.

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